Posted By: Cameron Craddock - Jun 24, 2015
Tool/Resource: 1000 Functional Connectomes Project
Dear Colleagues,

We are proud to announce Release 7 of the NKI-Rockland Sample (NKI-RS). This release contains updates for the Cross-sectional NKI-RS Lifespan (PI: Michael P. Milham) and Longitudinal Developmental Connectomics (PI: Michael P. Milham). We are also proud to announce the inclusion of the Real-time Default Network Neurofeedback (PI: R. Cameron Craddock) study, which contains data from a real-time fMRI based default network neurofeedback task in addition to data from multi-source interference and moral dilemma tasks. More information about the various studies can be found at the Enhanced NKI-RS website:

Release 7 neuroimaging data along with data from variety of psychiatric, neuropsychological, and fitness assessments are available via the Collaborative Informatics Neuroimaging Suite (COINS) Data Exchange with a fully executed DUA. Please refer to for more information about accessing the data from COINS.

Users who do not wish to get a DUA can download the neuroimaging data with limited phenotypic information from NITRC. Release 6 and 7 data will be available on NITRC in July, using a new distribution framework.

the NKI-RS team

Cameron Craddock, PhD

Director of Imaging, Center for the Developing Brain
Child Mind Institute
445 Park Avenue (entrance on 56th Street)
New York, NY 10022

Director, Computational Neuroimaging Laboratory
Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research
1040 Old Orangeburg Road
Orangeburg, NY, 10962
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