Posted By: Michael Milham - Feb 23, 2010
Tool/Resource: 1000 Functional Connectomes Project
On behalf of the inaugural members of the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project, we are pleased to announce the publication of the initial feasibility analyses for the conglomerate dataset. The manuscript is open access and can be downloaded at the site of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (

The manuscript reference is:

Bharat B. Biswal, Maarten Mennes, Xi-Nian Zuo, Suril Gohel, Clare Kelly, Steve M. Smith, Christian F. Beckmann, Jonathan S. Adelstein, Randy L. Buckner, Stan Colcombe, Anne-Marie Dogonowski, Monique Ernst, Damien Fair, Michelle Hampson, Matthew J. Hoptman, James S. Hyde, Vesa J. Kiviniemi, Rolf K├Âtter, Shi-Jiang Li, Ching-Po Lin, Mark J. Lowe, Clare Mackay, David J. Madden, Kristoffer H. Madsen, Daniel S. Margulies, Helen S. Mayberg, Katie McMahon, Christopher S. Monk, Stewart H. Mostofsky, Bonnie J. Nagel, James J. Pekar, Scott J. Peltier, Steven E. Petersen, Valentin Riedl, Serge A. R. B. Rombouts, Bart Rypma, Bradley L. Schlaggar, Sein Schmidt, Rachael D. Seidler, Greg J. Siegle, Christian Sorg, Gao-Jun Teng, Juha Veijola, Arno Villringer, Martin Walter, Lihong Wang, Xu-Chu Weng, Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli, Peter Williamson, Christian Windischberger, Yu-Feng Zang, Hong-Ying Zhang, F. Xavier Castellanos, and Michael P. Milham (in press). Toward discovery science of human brain function [PNAS published online before print February 22, 2010, doi:10.1073/pnas.0911855107]
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