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ADHD200 database - missing data and other queriesMarietta Papadatou-Pastou0Jan 5, 2021
data_configuration.yml for running default C-PAC pipe on FCon1000 DataUri Elias0Mar 18, 2020
fconn_1000_scripts_ver1.1 download link brokensshingler0Jun 20, 2019
Segmentation of OASIS dataset with SPM12vania karami0Jun 28, 2018
ABIDE NIAK preprocessing issues - NYU datasetAmritha Harikumar0Dec 21, 2017
Google program for CPAC developers still openIvan Roi0Mar 25, 2015
preprocessing for connectome analysesAngela Favaro0Mar 20, 2015
How to include motion-related spike regressoryikai wang1Sep 17, 2014
converts NIFTI_datatype=4 (INT16) to floatpeter lee3May 30, 2014
3dresample--RPIxiufen zhang 1May 30, 2014
Volume "holes" and background intensityPeter Goodin0May 16, 2014
questions about NUISANCE SIGNAL REGRESSIONpeter lee4May 15, 2014
Quality assurance at your siteMatthias Heil1Feb 12, 2014
nuisance signal regressioncirong liu5Feb 6, 2014
FSL build 505 and errors with the scriptsDaniel Keeser3Nov 14, 2013
Slice time correction?M M4Aug 6, 2013
motion outliersHsiao-Ying Wey1Feb 21, 2013
About the scripts on Ubuntu 12.04Carolina Valencia1Aug 27, 2012
Nuisance signal regression and resting epochsLisa Eyler11Aug 8, 2012
questions about input filesXinyuan Miao1Mar 22, 2012
Orientation Change in rest_res.nii?Andreas Horn1Feb 7, 2012
Not enough data in global.1DAndreas Horn4Jan 24, 2012
rationale behind smoothing segmented masksRegi Lapate1Jan 18, 2012
Mapping from Functional to Anatomical Chad Z.2Dec 15, 2011
DEMEANING after signal noise regressionMichael Huetel1Dec 15, 2011
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