Posted By: Maarten Mennes - Mar 30, 2010
Tool/Resource: 1000 Functional Connectomes Project
Dear Users,

together with the PIs of the Dallas dataset we corrected the left/right orientation discrepancy between their MPRAGE and EPI scans. Unfortunately, the EPI was L/R flipped during image conversion. All subjects were affected by this issue.

As of today, MARCH 30 2010, we replaced the Dallas dataset with the correct one. The Dallas data is now again available for download.

If you are using this dataset, your best option is to download the dataset again and process them from scratch. Alternatively, you could choose to L/R flip the EPI scan (rest.nii.gz or your specific end product) using the following commands. Remind yourself to rerun registration to the MPRAGE and standard space afterwards.

3drefit –orient LPI rest.nii.gz
3dresample –orient RPI –prefix temp.nii.gz –inset rest.nii.gz
mv temp.nii.gz rest.nii.gz

But again, if you have any doubt about the correctness of your Dallas data, please download and reprocess them again.

We would like to thank you for your patience regarding this issue! Please feel free to send us any comments or thoughts on our way of handling and correcting this discrepancy.

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