Posted By: Maarten Mennes - Nov 13, 2010
Tool/Resource: 1000 Functional Connectomes Project
After successful release of the first 32 datasets in the NKI/Rockland Sample (more datasets are added every week!), we are proud to announce the next INDI release: The NYU_Cocaine dataset includes R-fMRI datasets of 29 adult cocaine dependent participants as well as 24 controls.

Details as well as the dataset can be found on:

(The dataset is currently 29GB. Over the course of the coming week we will be working to split/reduce the release in order to improve downloadability - yes that is a word).

Please refer to the forums for questions regarding this and other datasets.
Also, feel free to email the INDI team with any questions regarding the process of datasharing or how to add your own data.

Happy Processing,
The INDI Team.

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