Posted By: Michael Milham - Jul 11, 2011
Tool/Resource: 1000 Functional Connectomes Project

We are pleased to announce the release of the ADHD-200 test dataset. Data from the following sites is included in the release:
1) Brown
2) KKI
3) NYU
5) Peking
6) Pitt
** Each site’s test data can be found under its ‘Releases’ section on the ADHD-200 page ( ). A combined file, that contains the full test dataset (‘ADHD200_Combined_TestRelease.001.001.tar.gz‘) can be found under the ‘All Releases’ tab located at the bottom of the ADHD-200 web page. **

The current release includes data from 172 participants that passed quality control (visual inspection and max Euclidean displacement < 4mm; 259 datasets had been contributed in total). The data transfer and prep process for the NeuroIMAGE site is still being finalized – we anticipate releasing this data by Wed, July 6 at the latest (the site is anticipated to provide an additional 20-30 datasets).

As a reminder, the entry submission deadlines are as follows:
1. The Highest Performance Imaging-Based Diagnostic Classification Algorithm for ADHD: August 30, 2011
2. The Most Innovative Neuroscientific Examination of ADHD: August 1, 2011

Due to the recent interest expressed by a number of individuals who first learned about the competition at the OHBM meeting, we will extend the competition registration deadline to July 8, 2011

Good luck to all participants – we are excited to see your results!
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