Posted By: Christian Haselgrove - Oct 15, 2007
Tool/Resource: NIfTI
On November 5 (Monday), the NINDS, NIMH, NIDA, NCRR and NIBIB will host a satellite symposium entitled The Rhyme and the Reason of Data Sharing starting at 6:30 p.m. in Room 26 A&B of the San Diego Convention Center. The event is listed in the SfN 2007 Annual Meeting Program Book as a Satellite Event on page 41.

The symposium will showcase 5 success stories detailing the value gained by sharing and reusing data, and will be followed by a panel discussion on Data Sharing Beyond Just Published. The President of the Society, Dr. David van Essen, and the Director of NIMH, Dr. Thomas Insel, will give opening remarks; the Director of NIDA Dr. Nora Volkow will moderate the panel discussion, and the Director of NINDS Dr. Story Landis will give closing remarks.

Please see the agenda and Neuroinformatics commentary at:
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