Posted By: Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Oct 31, 2011
Tool/Resource: CONN : functional connectivity toolbox
We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of the connectivity toolbox (conn v.13)

Some of the most notable additions to the toolbox include:

* New second-level analysis options for F-contrast and multivariate statistics for voxel-level and ROI-level analyses
* New voxel-to-voxel analyses for exploring the entire (whole-brain) connectome
* Additional graph-theory measures for exploring the properties of ROI-to-ROI networks
* Optimizations to increase the speed and reduce the storage requirements for many of the analyses, as well as greater flexibility to define the desired analyses and output files
* New output display options including 3d renderings of voxel-level and ROI-level results

There are also many minor additions, such as improvement to the graphical user interface, increased flexibility to resample voxel-level analyses to the desired resolution, support for sparse acquisition, support for topological-FDR corrections in voxel-level analyses, addition of slice-timing correction to the spatial preprocessing pipeline, and many others. We hope you enjoy the new version and please let us know through the forum if you find any issues or have any questions/feedback/suggestions
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