Posted By: Torsten Rohlfing - May 8, 2012
Tool/Resource: Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK)
We are pleased to announce the release of CMTK 2.2 with some exciting new features. Source code and pre-compiled packages are available from CMTK's "Downloads" section on NITRC.

Most importantly, CMTK now has two tools to perform structural MRI unwarping using reference scans of the "ADNI Phantom." The workflow is described in a brief paper over at the InsightJournal:

This article can also be downloaded from the CMTK/Docs section on NITRC.

Many other detail fixes and improvements have also gone into this release - check out the ChangeLog for details.

As always, all of CMTK is free as in beer and speech, and you don't even have to make us authors on any of your papers just for using it. Imagine that! (Please do mention CMTK in your Acknowledgments if you use it, though.)

[Note: the original 2.2.0 release had a packaging bug and was replaced with release 2.2.1]
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