Posted By: NDAR Administrator - Jul 9, 2012
Tool/Resource: NIH Pediatric MRI Data Repository
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) are pleased to make available the 5th data release of the NIH MRI Study of Normal Brain Development to qualified researchers on April 26, 2012. New in this release are longitudinally-registered anatomic MRI data (images and derived volumetric measures), processed single-voxel MRS data which has been corrected for CSF voxel content, raw multi-voxel MRSI files, low resolution (3mm) diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data, additional demographic measures, and revised biospecimen collection dates. Previous releases contained non-longitudinally registered anatomic MRI data (scans and derived volumes), cortical surface analysis data, age-specific brain atlases, raw and preliminary single-voxel MRS data uncorrected for CSF voxel content, and clinical/behavioral data for subjects aged 10 days to young adult. To learn about accessing this data, please visit
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