Posted By: Andrew Worth - Jul 10, 2013
Tool/Resource: IBSR
Because the original web site at Massachusetts General Hospital's Center for Morphometric Analysis is no longer working, the Internet Brain Segmentation Repository is now being released right here on NITRC. That web site was created in 1996 and has functioned faithfully for 17 years! The original site is still up and contains some additional information, but new access to the data is no longer available.

There are two data sets that have been very popular: the "20 Normal" subjects and the newer "IBSR_V2.0" subjects. Up until recently, these were the best and most comprehensive, manually labeled MRI brain scans publicly available. Data from the IBSR has been used in publications more than 107 times (I stopped counting in early 2009).

Long live the new IBSR!

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