Posted By: Christian Haselgrove - May 5, 2017
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NITRC experienced a site-wide outage on April 20th. A failure in a redundant cooling system caused a set of hardware failures which took the data storage array offline. While our hosts worked on the hardware restoration, the NITRC team decided to create a reduced functionally version of the NITRC web site. On May 2nd, our hosting provider completed the hardware restoration and moved our data and server to new hardware. By May 3rd, we were able to return the web site to full functionality.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused and are grateful for your patience as we worked to bring NITRC back on line.

Our immediate first step after hardware restoration was to begin exploration and testing of off-site backups. We have made some trial runs of cloud data backup with Amazon S3 that look promising, and we plan to have full off-site backups completed withing the month, if not sooner.

In the longer term, we hope to maintain a "warm" backup server with a cloud provider. In the case of extended outages in the future, we will be able to manually launch a web server to continue the majority of NITRC operations and features.

For more detailed information on these plans and for continued system status, please refer to our NITRC Service Status and Redundancy Policy page at .

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