Posted By: Olivier Commowick - Aug 28, 2017
Tool/Resource: Anima
Version 2.2 of Anima, a set of ITK/VTK based libraries and multi-platform command line tools for medical image analysis (image registration, EPI distortion correction, statistical analysis, diffusion imaging, quantitative MRI processing, image denoising and segmentation tools), has been released ! This is a bug fix release, changes include (but are not limited to):

- add multi-compartment model registration
- make multi-compartment model interpolation source code public
- add higher order SVF transformation exponentiation
- add arithmetic tool to perform operations on dense transformations and SVFs
- simplify noise generation tools to only one animaNoiseGenerator
- add Nyul et al intensity normalisation tool
- change DTI estimation to ensure positive definite tensors
- add fibers ROI filtering tool
- add opening and closure filters to morphological operations
- bug corrections in non-local patient to group comparison tools
- Other minor bug corrections

Binary release download link:
Source code link (and documentation wiki):
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