Posted By: David Kennedy - Sep 11, 2017
Tool/Resource: NITRC Community
Software Carpentry ( is a non-profit volunteer organization whose members teach researchers computing skills. On November 9th-10th INCF will hold a two-day Software Carpentry workshop at the George Washington University Marvin Center in Washington DC, to dovetail with the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

The workshop will focus on software tools to make researchers more effective, allowing them to automate research tasks, track their research over time, and use programming to accelerate their research, and make it more reproducible.

For details about the workshop please refer to the following web-page:

Participation is free, but because space is limited, we ask that participants apply to participate through the following web form:

Application deadline is September 11th

Feel free to distribute this message widely among your colleagues, and to email Ariel Rokem ( with any questions about the workshop.
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