Posted By: Tomoko Sakai - Oct 29, 2018
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We are pleased to announce that , as an initial open resource, we release a collection of structural MRI and diffusion tensor images obtained from 12 species: pygmy marmoset, owl monkey, white-fronted capuchin, crab-eating macaque, Japanese macaque, bonnet macaque, toque macaque, Sykes’ monkey, red-tailed monkey, Schmidt’s guenon, de Brazza’s guenon, and lar gibbon. Sixteen postmortem brain samples from the 12 species, stored in the Japan Monkey Centre (JMC), were scanned using a 9.4-T MRI scanner and made available through the JMC collaborative research program (

The expected significant contributions of the JMC Primates Brain Imaging Repository
include (1) resources for comparative neuroscience research, (2) preservation of various primate brains, including those of endangered species, in a permanent digital form, (3) resources with higher resolution for identifying neuroanatomical features, compared to previous MRI atlases, (4) resources for optimizing methods of scanning large fixed brains, and (5) references for veterinary neuroradiology.
User-initiated research projects beyond these contributions are also anticipated. We will continue
to develop this repository to achieve our goal of collecting brain MRIs of more than 100 non-human primate species.

Detailed information about this imaging repository can be found in:
Sakai, et al. " The Japan Monkey Centre Primates Brain Imaging Repository for comparative neuroscience: an archive of digital records including records for endangered species." Primates (2018).

The JMC Primate Brain Imaging Repository is operated in partnership by the JMC, Kyoto University, the Jikei University School of Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Japan. If you wish to use these MRI dataset on this repository, you need to apply your research proposal to JMC. Please contact to following curator.
Contact to: Yuta SHINTAKU E-mail:

With kind regard,

Tomoko Sakai
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