Posted By: David Andre Barriere - Feb 4, 2020
Tool/Resource: SIGMA Rat Brain Templates and Atlases
Version 1.1 provides small fixes and improvements to some minor errors and small innacuracies in some of the resources. The full set of changes are:
• Fixed a bug in the iterative process of generating the in-vivo tissue probability maps that led to erroneous probability maps. New maps with accurate values are provided;
• Fixed header information compatibility for FSL and SPM for the in-vivo and ex-vivo templates, tissue probability maps and masks;
• Improved the accuracy of the in-vivo template mask to better delineate the brain;
• Improved the accuracy of the registration of the functional atlas to the in-vivo and ex-vivo templates;
• Improved the localization of the mesh file for visualization in relationship to the anatomical and functional atlas.
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