SIGMA Rat Brain Templates and Atlases

The SIGMA resources offer to the preclinical neuroimaging community a complete set of in vivo and ex vivo templates, tissues priors as well as functional and anatomical atlases of the rat brain. SIGMA allows both linear and non-linear coregistration of multimodal acquisitions for accurate identification of the brain territories involved in physiological or pathophysiological conditions. Since March 1, 2024, a second version of the SIGMA resources is available and in this release we :
- updated the previous SIGMA spaces,
- revised the GM/WM segmentation and created additional probabilistic maps (outbrain, skull)
- created diffusion templates (B0, FA, etc.) at both ex-vivo and in-vivo resolutions.
- created a CT/18FDG reference space for multimodal normalization data
- delivered a new SIGMA brain atlas obtained by the normalization of the Waxholm space published by Kleven, H. et al. Nat Met. (2023)

Due to space limitation this second version is available here :

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Rat Brain Template Atlas