Posted By: Olivier Commowick - Mar 12, 2020
Tool/Resource: Anima
Version 3.3 of Anima, a set of ITK/VTK based libraries and multi-platform command line tools for medical image analysis (image registration, EPI distortion correction, statistical analysis, diffusion imaging, quantitative MRI processing, image denoising and segmentation tools), has been released ! This is a minor release with a focus on major bugs correction and new DWI simulation and majority voting tools. Changes include (but are not limited to):

- Correct memory leak that was affecting all registration tools
- Correct long running Levenberg Marquardt optimization bug in MCM estimation (introduces an all new bounded LM optimizer)
- Switch back to previous mutli-threading scheme as ITK 5 one is not that great
- Add binary versions of DWI simulation from diffusion tensors or multi-compartment models (animaDWISimulatorFromDTI and animaDWISimulationFromMCM)
- Add a majority voting tool (animaMajorityLabelVoting)
- New release of Anima scripts v2.2 along with this release
- Other minor bug corrections
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