Posted By: Konstantinos Arfanakis - Apr 17, 2020
Tool/Resource: IIT Human Brain Atlas (v.5.0)
A new version of the regionconnect script is now available. The manual of the IIT Human Brain Atlas has also been updated to reflect the changes in regionconnect. All other files of version 5 of the atlas have remained the same.

What changed?
1) The new regionconnect is in python (the old version was in matlab).
2) The new version of regionconnect is faster than the old version.

What is regionconnect?
Regionconnect allows rapid extraction of standardized brain connectivity information for white matter regions with significant findings in voxel-wise neuroimaging studies. Regionconnect addresses a long-standing lack of specificity in terms of brain connectivity when reporting statistically significant findings in white matter. Regionconnect is based on the connectome of the IIT Human Brain Atlas v.5.0. Regionconnect does not require high angular resolution diffusion MRI or any MRI data, and can be used even in populations with certain brain lesions.
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