Posted By: David Kennedy - May 13, 2020
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A recording of the Sharing, Discovering, and Citing COVID-19 Data and Code in Generalist Repositories webinar, held April 24, is now available. Presentations and resources from each repository can also be accessed from this page ( We were thrilled to have nearly 1,100 viewers join us live! If you didn’t get to watch, be sure to check out the valuable information from Vivli, Figshare, GitHub, Dryad, Zenodo, Harvard Dataverse, and Mendeley Data. You’ll also find information from the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy and National Library of Medicine.

We have an aggregated list of open-access data and computational resources that address COVID-19 that will be updated and sortable in the coming week (

The April 24th webinar built off of the tremendous discussion that was held in February at the NIH Workshop on the Role of Generalist Repositories to Enhance Data Discoverability and Reuse. We have a workshop summary available along with presentations and recordings ( We also hosted a virtual data metrics workshop in February; the summary for that event was posted this week, and those presentations and recordings are also available on our website (

To stay current on data science activities at NIH, be sure to bookmark our website ( and follow us on Twitter, #NIHdata.

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