Posted By: Abby Paulson - Jan 5, 2021
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STRIDES is the NIH Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation, and Sustainability (STRIDES) Initiative ( It “allows NIH to explore the use of cloud environments to streamline NIH data use by partnering with commercial providers. NIH’s STRIDES Initiative provides cost-effective access to industry-leading partners to help advance biomedical research. These partnerships enable access to rich datasets and advanced computational infrastructure, tools, and services.” Through this program, NIH-funded researchers with an active NIH award may take advantage of the STRIDES Initiative for their NIH-funded research projects.

The STRIDES Initiative provides:
- Favorable pricing on computing, storage, and related cloud services
- Access to training for researchers, data owners, and others to help ensure optimal use of available tools and technologies
- Access to professional service consultations and technical support from the STRIDES Initiative partners

NITRC, as an NIH awardee, has migrated our Amazon Web Services (AWS) management to fall under the STRIDES Initiative, saving money on our cloud-based infrastructures and gaining access to additional cloud management consultation services.

Are you an NIH awardee? Are you thinking of considering cloud-based resources? Look into the STRIDES program!

To learn more details about the STRIDES Initiative, enroll in training, or opt-in to receive newsletters, visit the STRIDES website. (
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