Posted By: Abby Paulson - Feb 19, 2021
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Hey, NITRC Community:

In response to community feedback, NITRC is trying to expand its support of resources for education and training. Towards this goal, we have added a set of new ‘tags’ that can be applied to NITRC projects. These include “Course”, “Multimedia”, “Tutorial”, “Workshop” and “Other Educational/Training Resource”.

Where are these Tags?

These tags can be found under the “Attribute List Specification” under Category/Information Resource/Education/Training.

Tagging projects is important as it facilitates search for projects that bear specific tags, making it easier for the user community to find what they are looking for. For example, searching for all projects tagged as “Education/Training” is as simple as this link:

How to Promote Your Educational Resource

The second step is to promote these tags! While we administratively added these tags to a few obvious projects, we need the community to apply them more broadly to their resources. Are you a resource administrator? Ask yourself: Is your resource (or does your resource have) a “Course” or “Workshop” associated with it? Is it or does it include a“Tutorial”? Is it (or is it associated with) “Multimedia” content (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)? Or do you provide some other type of content that should be associated with Education and Training (“Other Educational/Training Resource”)? If you answered yes to any of these, go into your administrative settings and update your attribute selections here: This will ensure your education/training content is clear and easily accessible to the user community.

Help Identify Resources

Not a resource administrator but know a NITRC resource that should have any of the above tags? Reach out to that Resources’ administrator and ask them to update it. I’m sure that they’ll be glad that you cared enough to reach out!

Know some good Education/Training resources that are not listed in NITRC, reach out to them and ask them to register their project (it's easy!); or suggest a tool or resource by emailing us at

Happy NITRCing...

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