Posted By: Matthias Müller-Schrader - Apr 19, 2022
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We are delighted to announce the new major release of the TAPAS software collection.

Version 6.0.0 includes new features and updates to our most prominent toolboxes
(HGF, rDCM, PhysIO). In addition - as a spring cleanup - we moved currently
unmaintained toolboxes to a dedicated TAPAS legacy repository.

For an overview of TAPAS, please consult our latest paper (,
which presents and reviews the TAPAS collection and its toolboxes.

For links to our Github repository, Wiki and Forum, please consult the TAPAS webpage:

Kind regards,
Matthias Müller-Schrader

**What is TAPAS?
TAPAS is a collection of algorithms and software tools developed by the
Translational Neuromodeling Unit (TNU, Zurich) and collaborators. These
tools are intended to support the development of computational assays
(Translational Neuromodeling) and their clinical application in
Computational Psychiatry, Neurology and Psychosomatics.

Currently, TAPAS includes the following packages:
- ceode: Continuous Extension of ODE methods. A toolbox for robust estimation of convolution based Dynamic Causal Models (DCMs) for evoked responses (ERPs).
- genbed: A Python package for data exploration and classification as part of the generative embedding pipeline.
- HGF: The Hierarchical Gaussian Filter; Bayesian inference on computational processes from observed behaviour.
- HUGE: Variational Bayesian inversion for hierarchical unsupervised generative embedding (HUGE).
- PhysIO: Physiological Noise Correction for fMRI.
- rDCM: Regression dynamic causal modeling; efficient inference on whole-brain effective connectivity from fMRI data.
- SEM: SERIA Model for Eye Movements (saccades and anti-saccades) and Reaction Times.

... And the following tasks:
- FDT: Filter Detection Task.
- BLT: Breathing Learning Task.

TAPAS also includes a beta version of the following toolbox:
- UniQC: Unified neuroimaging quality control.

TAPAS is written in MATLAB and Python and distributed as open-source code under
the GNU General Public License (GPL, Version 3).

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