Posted By: Christopher Schwarz - May 2, 2023
Tool/Resource: mri_reface
We have released our latest version of mri_reface, version 0.3.2.

Starting with this release, we are also releasing mri_reface as complete Docker image, to simplify and standardize running mri_reface in many environments. This has been our most frequent feature request. Docker releases are provided in a separate download, and the original release type will also remain available. This release also updates to use matlab runtime 2022a, so please update your installations. We also now recommend using niftyreg (reg_aladin) >1.5, due to reports of poorer registration performance with 1.3. Other smaller improvements include some tweaks for improved intensity normalization for 2D FLAIR images and improvements for images with larger slice thickness. The primary run script now also includes a DICOM->DICOM workflow suitable for some limited use cases. For a complete list of changes, please see CHANGES.txt.
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