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Jun 30, 2020  01:06 PM | helma
problem with installing and opening MrIcron

I try to install the software to convert my DICOM files to nifti.this message popped up"MRIcron" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.I appreciate if you can help me with that.
Jun 30, 2020  02:06 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: problem with installing and opening MrIcron
1.) First of all, can you confirm that you installed using the mricron_macOS.dmg (v1.0.20190902) available at one of these sites:
these should be notarized with Apple and therefore should work if you directly download them an install them.

2.) If those files do not work, have you tried installing (v1.2.20200331)?

3.) If both options fail, does going to AppleMenu/SystemsPreferences/Security&Privacy provide an option for you to run this.

4.) If all of the above fail, can you tell me the version of MacOS you are using.