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Oct 16, 2015  07:10 AM | Rowena C - UCL
RE: HOW TO use the DTI template for registration
Dear Konstantinos and others:

Like the others who have commented before myself, I am trying to use the IIT template in DTI-TK. I have read the guide on "How to spatially normalize individual DTI data to the IIT HUman Brain Atlas Using DTI-TK". I assume this is more for those who want to do the registration to the IIT template and not in the case whereby one has generated the population-specific atlas and is trying to register that to the IIT template. I have a few questions:

1. Referring to the guide provided, I assume one has to already perform the bootstrap before the suggested rigid alignment steps. Prior to this, if I preprocessed my data using FSL, I would have also used the script fsl_to_dtitk ( I assume these steps are compatible with the later steps in the analysis as suggested in the guide?

2. I am also trying to integrate TBSS with DTI-TK, to perform group wise analyses. In this case, after I have completed Step 7 (combining affine and diffeomorphic transformation), how would I then integrate the output with TBSS? In DTI-TK, there is a integration pipeline ( Are these steps still relevant, or is there a way to smoothly proceed on to do the TBSS analysis?

Thanks very much.

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RE: HOW TO use the DTI template for registration
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