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Feb 24, 2016  06:02 AM
Difficulty in combining .img files in unix
Hello everyone,

I am trying to open .img files on MÄ°PAV. But It says in PDF document you have to first combine .img files into raw files in unix. The statement is like this=
''First, combine all of the slice images into one "raw" file like this in unix (all one line):
cat 657_10_1.img 657_10_2.img 657_10_3.img 657_10_4.img 657_10_5.img
657_10_6.img 657_10_7.img 657_10_8.img 657_10_9.img 657_10_10.img
657_10_11.img 657_10_12.img 657_10_13.img 657_10_14.img 657_10_15.img
657_10_16.img 657_10_17.img 657_10_18.img > 657_10.raw''

I do not understand this statement can you please help me?
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Difficulty in combining .img files in unixatam atamFeb 24, 2016