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Jun 23, 2016  03:06 PM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
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Hi David/Jeff/Thomas

Thanks for the feedback/suggestion, this is indeed part of the planned capabilities to be added to CONN but I do not have quite a target date for this yet. In the meantime, you may want to give the attached spm_crossvalidation utility a try. This basically works on any open SPM results window, so if you want to use this with CONN you would need to first use the 'Display SPM' button in the results explorer window. After that, you simply type spm_crossvalidation in Matlab's command window and that will run N analyses (each analysis removing one subject), and compute the suprathreshold mask for each of those analyses. If you specify where exactly you would want to extract contrast data from (e.g. averaging from all suprathreshold voxels) that will also extract from these masks, and from the corresponding out-of-sample subject in each case, contrast values within the suprathreshold masks for all defined contrasts.

Hope this helps

Originally posted by Thomas DeRamus:
As would I. I could see this maybe working by setting up a batch that performs the analyses separately for each of the subject sets-1 and then exporting the values that you're interested in, but I imagine doing it that way would eat up space really fast.


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