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White Matter BOLD signal alberto benelli23 hours ago
merging two conn projects for second level analysisMeenakshi Malviya33 hours ago
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Can we bypass the denoising step if the covariate setup is changed?cmmfong13 hours ago
resolving inconsistent dimensions between sbc output and template networksBrian Kavanaugh13 hours ago
Condition/Covariate structure helpsap813 hours ago
is there a way to continue where I left off in the middle of preprocessing using GUI?Qiwei Guo14 hours ago
Pairwise time-series correlations in a maskTamir Eisenstein521 hours ago
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Surface-based analysis with subcortical structuresFederica Toma1Jun 13, 2024
Unexpected change of results lidizpe1Jun 13, 2024
Query regarding setting origin point in fmri analysisShruti Kinger1Jun 13, 2024
CONN 2nd level analysis helpZakia Ben Youss1Jun 13, 2024
QA reportArianna Menardi1Jun 13, 2024
New Data: New Slice OrderBrooke Yeager1Jun 13, 2024
CONN toolbox - Asked to keep re-running Denoising stepalfredalfred4Dec 23, 2023
Why the volume results from preprocessed T1 images inflated?Lan Shui0Jun 6, 2024
Add additional subjects using Import fMRIPrep featureerinkim7911Jun 6, 2024
Help -- data results lostKeith Dodd5Jun 5, 2024
Cluster-level connection is significant, single connection isn'tRiccardo Bonafini0Jun 5, 2024
file sizes and storage for big dataClas Linnman2Jun 4, 2024
Sliding window analysis in CONN?Breanne Kearney0Jun 4, 2024
trouble with conn_moduleArianna Menardi1Jun 4, 2024
compiled conn v.22.a version for Windows 64 bitsGonzalo Rojas0Jun 3, 2024