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Sep 11, 2017  06:09 PM | gol mi
flip left and right hemisphere
Hi All,
I want to flip the left and right hemisphere so that I can have all affected hemispheres in one side. I selected structural manual orientation and functional manual orientation in per-processing and selected the desired subjects.
Then in the Selection Re-Orientation Transformation window, I'm not sure to select which rotation (90 or 180) and axis (x, y, or z-axis). I selected x-axis with 180 degree but it looks to me that the oriented images are not consistent with the rest of images.Would you please help me to know what is rotation and axis?
also, the second question is that , after I select the rotation and axis , and hit OK, again the same window will be opened , so again I select the same info, and hit OK.  Am I doing right?is that what it's supposed to do ? so why two times we have select the info?

Thank you
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flip left and right hemisphere
Sep 11, 2017