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Oct 9, 2017  11:10 AM | Chaleece Sandberg
Interpreting NBS results; reading NBS table
In the FAQ, it says that NBS allows you to "evaluate whether the connectivity within specific connected subnetworks of ROIs shows any significant effect of interest, so the resulting inferences pertain to these specific subnetworks of ROIs."
I am exploring NBS results right now and see that for each analysis that I do, there is a network-level statistic at the top of the table labeled Network_1/1 or Network_1/2 (or Network_1/5...). At first I thought this meant that the list of connections directly under this was part of the first subnetwork (of 1 or 2 or 5 subnetworks). But in the case of the results in which Network_1/2 (or Network_1/5) is at the top, there is no other subnetwork listed below it and it looks like all of the significant connections are listed under the first subnetwork.
So, I'm obviously wrong. How do I read this table? Any help is greatly appreciated.