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Oct 16, 2017  09:10 AM | C. Srinidhi Ragunathan - TU Delft
Average Objects using SPHARM MAT
I am currently using the SPHARM-MAT toolbox for calculating the average of a set of points clouds, and then using it further to create a shape model.
The output of the Average Object is 'fvec' or the coefficients of the spherical harmonics.
I would like to know if simple linear algebra (multiplying the Spharm Basis function with 'fvec') will result in the coordinates of the point cloud in the cartesian space.
Do I need to align the spherical vertices of all my training point clouds, to obtain the mean shape of the same ? And then use this mean spherical vertices to calculate the cartesian coordinates ?

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Average Objects using SPHARM MAT
C. Srinidhi Ragunathan Oct 16, 2017
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