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Jan 10, 2018  02:01 AM | Lucas Moro
RE: Preprocessed and denoised data
Dear Shady

Thank you kindly for your answer. I am a bit confused: in the results->preprocessing I cannot see `niftData*.nii`. The only .nii is `niftiNORMS*.nii`. It has quite a small size. A big file is DATA_*.matc. Other files are several mat elements. In the first level folder I can see only BETAs (as nii) and some small mat  and txt files (resultsROI, list sources, list conditions).
Best, Lucas

Originally posted by Shady El Damaty:
Preprocessed NIFTI (.nii) data is usually placed in the same directory as the raw data with the prefix s(moothing)/w(arping)/a(lignment)/u(nwarping) appended in the order you ran those steps. 

Your denoised data will be stored under the conn project folder->results->preprocessing and have the prefix 'niftiDATA*.nii' be careful not to confuse it with the confound Betas 'Beta*.nii'

Z scored data will be in the project->results->first level folder.

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RE: Preprocessed and denoised data
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