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Sep 6, 2018  05:09 PM | Andrew Zalesky
RE: One sample or t-test
Hi Lijun,

When using FDR, the number of permutations must be very large, as described in the manual.

For NBS, 5000 permutations is ok, but for FDR I suggest generating at least 100,000 permutations, otherwise false positives are likely.This will take a longer time to run.

The reason why you have overlapping positive and negative effects is probably due to insufficient number of permutations with FDR.


Originally posted by LJ Yin:
Hi Andrew,

Thank you very much for your reply. I still have one follow-up question to my second question. I performed one sample test to test both positive and negative effect as you told me but by using FDR (no significant results were found by using NBS). But I found highly overlapped results from both effects. How could this happen?

Many thanks,

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