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Oct 9, 2018  04:10 PM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: importing ICA as ROI

You might just need to propagate those changes in the Setup tab all the way to the first-level analysis tab. To do this, in the Setup tab click 'Done', and then select the option that reads "do not overwrite (skip already processed subjects/seeds)" before clicking on 'Start' (so that only the new ROIs are being processed), and, after this finishes, do the same thing in the 'Denoising' tab (click 'Done', select 'do not overwrite'). After that you should see your new ROIs being offered as an option for any existing or new first-level analysis. 

Hope this helps
Originally posted by brian greeley:
I have run 1st level group-ICA analysis and there are a few components that I would like to use as network ROIs in a seed-to-voxel analysis. I have saved the 3 ROIs of interest as parcellation ROI files, added the 3 components as ROIs in the setup menu, but they don't show up as a potential ROI in the 1st level analysis. Am I doing this incorrectly? Any help would be much appreciated.


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RE: importing ICA as ROI
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