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Nov 13, 2018  08:11 AM | Andrew Worth
RE: IBSR_V2.0 skull-stripped NIfTI
Originally posted by cici:
I am trying to use the IBSR data, but I have some questions. I can't find IBSR_V2.0 skull-stripped NIfTI 's detailed documentation. Dose it have the same subject with IBSR_V2.0? And what's the difference between them? Another question is what's the difference between the label'named with 'fill' and without 'fill' in IBSR_V2.0 skull-stripped NIfTI?
Can anyone help me?

Hello cici,

Yes, they are the same subjects.  The difference is that the skull-stripped files have everything but the brain set to 0 (background).  The 'fill' files have any regions of zeros that are inside the brain mask set to 1 (the CSF value).

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RE: IBSR_V2.0 skull-stripped NIfTI
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