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Mar 7, 2019  08:03 AM | boris - LMU
Error while importing ROI data

Error using rex>rex_do (line 741)
mismatched number of scans and covariate datapoints ([2 1] vs. [800 16])
Error in rex (line 180)
Error in conn_rex (line 8)
Error in conn_process (line 858)
else [data{nroi1},namesroi{nroi},params]=conn_rex(Vsourcethis,Vmask{nroi}{min(nses,nsesstemp)},'summary_measure','eigenvariate','dims',CONN_x.Setup.rois.dimensions{nroi},'conjunction_mask',mask,'level',level,'scaling',scalinglevel,'select_clusters',0,'covariates',entercovariates,'fsanatomical',fsanatomical,'output_type',outputtype,'output_rex',filenamerex,'output_folder',filepath);
Error in conn_process (line 16)
case 'setup', conn_disp(['CONN: RUNNING SETUP STEP']); conn_process([0:4,4.5,5]);
Error in conn (line 5262)
else conn_process(processname); ispending=false;
Error in conn_menumanager (line 120)
SPM12 + DEM FieldMap MEEGtools
Matlab v.2017b
project: CONN18.a
storage: 327.4Gb available
spm @ /home/demenzbild/Schreibtisch/spm12
conn @ /home/demenzbild/Schreibtisch/conn

I encountered this error-message and after multiple researches I still wasn´t able to figure out its reason. Maybe somebody could help me? I would be really really grateful if someone could help me with this task!

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,


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Error while importing ROI data
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