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Jul 17, 2020  01:07 PM | Andrew Worth
RE: Problem with "IBSR_V2.0_nifti_stripped" NIfTI files
Hello Vicas V,

The attached screenshots show how that file looks using itk-snap.  You are correct: the resolution is not isotropic.


Originally posted by Vikas V:
I have a question regarding the  data present in"IBSR_V2.0_nifti_stripped", e.g,

I see few issues with the pixel data, when I checked the pixel spacing, this looks more like a non-square pixel data, is that right?
If I load the data in a nifti viewer or convert it to DICOM and load it in a DICOM viewer I can clear see the data is stretched which indicates the spacings are incorrect.

For example:
IBSR_01_ana.nii has has non-square pixels and spacing of [0.9375, 1.5, 0.9375].
This should most likely become [0.9375, 0.9375, 1.5] which matches expectations that in-plane scan resolution (XY) is higher than in the acquisition direction (slice distance).

Is this Nifti generated correctly or how was this data acquired?

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Vikas V Jul 17, 2020
RE: Problem with "IBSR_V2.0_nifti_stripped" NIfTI files
Andrew Worth Jul 17, 2020
Andrew Worth Jul 17, 2020