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Dec 30, 2020  08:12 PM | David Fischer
RE: Explanation of Outputs

I'm trying to find the output file which contains the time series for each voxel, after denoising. In the 1st level analysis in the GUI, I have the option of clicking on a given voxel for a given subject, and CONN will display the time series for that voxel, for that subject. I'm looking for that file which that GUI function is based on (or looking for another way of extracting the time series on a voxel-by-voxel basis).

From the thread above, it would seem that file would be: niftiDATA_Subjectxxx_Conditionxxx.nii

However, I only see niftiNORMS_Subjectxxx_Conditionxxx.nii in the results/preprocessing directory.

Any thoughts?


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RE: Explanation of Outputs
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