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Sep 14, 2021  07:09 AM | YaeJi Kim
low suprathreshold t-value
Dear NBS experts, 

Hello, I am currently studying about DTI measures and its correlational relationship with behavioral score. 
I constructed network for each subject and ran the NBS correlational analysis. 
I have total of 240 subjects in this study, and want to use a result which was calculated with t=2.3, NBS FWE p < 0.05. 
However, I am afraid that t = 2.3 in 240 subjects is somewhat less significant to report, and probably reviewers would suggest me to increase the initial suprathreshold. 
I read few threads talking about presenting effect size (cohen's d), and mine is very low (0.14). 

Should I not report the result or is there any other great reasoning for the low t-value? 

Much appreciated if anyone gives me a any kind of feedback! 


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low suprathreshold t-value
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