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Sep 16, 2021  03:09 AM | Andrew Zalesky
RE: low suprathreshold t-value
Hi Yae Ji, 

TFCE is currently not included in the toolbox. 

For NBS TFCE, you may want to consider the connectomestats function in MRtrix 

Baggio has also considered NBS TFCE, although I don't think that there is software available with the paper:


Originally posted by YaeJi Kim:
Dear Andrew, 

Thank you for your insightful comments on my question. 
I definitely need to look into the meaningful effect size in the context of my research. 
One quick question here: 
Where can I find TFCE version of NBS? Has this approach been applied in NBS software? 
I looked up few articles and MRtrix3 (DTI platform) is supporting so-called TFNBS. (reference: 
Is this the one you recommended?

Yae Ji

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RE: low suprathreshold t-value
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