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Nov 16, 2023  03:11 PM | Tian Lin
Results from 2nd level analysis

Hello Experts, 

I conducted a ROI-to-ROI analysis with a task performance as a continuous 2nd level covaraite to examine how the FC between ROIs varied as a function of participants' task performance. 

As on the first page of the file attached here shows, the "Performance" is the 2nd level predictor and is a continuous variable. I selected the ACC as the see ROI to display the reuslts. This analysis showed a list of regions in the results table and I highlighted the left anterior insula in the picture. From the negative beta score, we know that indivdiuals with higher performance score showed reduced correlation between ACC and left AI. To further visualize this effect, I extract the FC between ACC and left AI by clicking the "import values" button on the GUI interface. 

However, when I tried to plot this negative correlation between Performance and ACC-AI FC, I cannot see it (see the 2nd page of the file attached). In fact, I see that the negative correlation predicted by my analysis was totally off from the raw data, especially at he right end. 

Also, when I calculated the correlation between Performance and ACC-AI FC, this correlation coefficient was even a positive score (although very close to 0).

Did I do something incorrect for my 2nd level analysis? If not, how can I explain this descriptency in the reuslts?

Thank you for your attention and insights in advance.



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Results from 2nd level analysis
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