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Oct 19, 2011  06:10 AM | Sarah Buetof
RE: first level threshold
Hi Alfonso,
Thanks for your quick answer.
We are planning to use the first level r-maps in another analysis and they should be corrected for multiple comparisons.
The fixed-effect analysis in 12 does not work and I get following error message:

Step 1/2: Functional data second-level analyses
62.5% ??? Reference to non-existent field 'csources'.

Error in ==> conn_process at 1467

Error in ==> conn_process at 18
        case 'results',         conn_process(14:15,varargin{:});

Error in ==> conn at 1601

Error in ==> conn_menumanager at 112
??? Error while evaluating figure WindowButtonUpFcn

Somebody else already mentioned that error and you provided another conn_process.m file that should solve the problem. But that didn't work for me, too.
We could implement a threshold in the script for our further analysis, but therefore we need the p-values.
Do you have any suggestions how to deal with that issue?
Does it makes more sense to try to fix the problem with version 12 or to do the statitics with matlab with the 13-results? Since I am not very familiar with matlab yet, I would prefer the first way, if that provides the results I am looking for.


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