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Dec 19, 2013  08:12 PM | Dirk Schuit
RE: INIA19 template label maps in MRIcron?
As I approached Dr. Rohlfing with this problem, allow me to elaborate a bit further.

Like stated in my quoted initial email, I have downloaded the INIA19 template. Similar to many MRIcron templates, the INIA19 templates come with the TXT and NII files. (Other templates have a LUT file as well but I believe that only changes the colour schemes.)

However, there's a difference between, for example, the AAL (anatomical area labels) template and the INIA19 template. Whereas the MRIcron templates link the selected 3-dimensional location in MRIcron to brain areas listed in the template's text files, the INIA19 templates do not. I've tried to show this in the attached screen shot. As you can see in the image, I have to MRIcron screens open: the left with the AAL template, the right being INIA19 NeuroMaps. At the bottom left of each window (enclosed in a red frame), you can see the difference. The AAL template shows that, at MNI coordinates x=55, y=-17, z=-27 you are looking at the right inferior temporal gyrus. MRIcron does not do the same for the INIA19 template--despite the list of brain areas in the text file, they are not linked to brain regions that you point to in MRIcron.

I approached Dr. Rohlfing hoping he could help me. However, since he does not use MRIcron, the template is not supported for MRIcron. I wonder if someone managed to get this template working in MRIcron. In particular seeing the brain areas at the bottom left corner of your window would be really helpful.

I will try to make this template work as it should in MRIcron. I will keep this thread updated with approaches that did not work, and (hopefully) a solution.

(I've picked the INIA19-NeuroMaps template as an example but the 'problem' appears in all INIA19 templates when used in MRIcron.)

All the best,

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RE: INIA19 template label maps in MRIcron?
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