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Feb 11, 2014  04:02 PM | Hugues Fontenelle
Is there a log with description of errors?
Hello Xiafoeng and colleagues!

Congrats on your work. I have tried your demo data, and now moving on testing real data.

On first try, Slicer crashed, but I realized that I had skipped some pre-processing steps!

I aligned and data and cropped it, in such a way that every dataset has the same dimension, and same (isotropic) spacing.

Now, Slicer does not crash, but MABMIS says: "Status: Completed with Errors".
(In the atlas folder, the training data and respective segmentations got copied)

Is there a log file somewhere? Where can I get more information about what went wrong?



Additional info:
a) I used NRRD file format.
b) I only have one class of label, representing one structure.