Release Name: FBIRN Image Processing Scripts (FIPS) based in FSL


FIPS is a package for the comprehensive management of large-scale multi-site fMRI projects, including data storage, retrieval, calibration, analysis, multi-modal integration, and quality control.

It provides a flexible, modular set of scripts so that the user can set up their own standardized analysis and run it quickly on many datasets. By default it incorporates the latest FBIRN recommended processing stream.

FIPS is built to work with the BIRN data hierarchy, so that it can extract data from the Human Imaging Database and the SRB. But it can also work on your lab’s default directory structure and database if appropriately configured. It maintains its own listing of all the analyses it has done and all the designs it has used in any installation, so that a single lab’s analyses can be standardized or a multi-site effort can agree on the analysis methods.

These analyses are also integrated with Freesurfer analyses ( so that combined structural and functional analyses for an individual subject can be visualized.