Release Name: older releases: conn v.15.h (last 2015 release)


CONN release 15.h

 Cumulative patch, bug fixes and improvements

 Added option to extract weighted-sum BOLD timeseries from ROI files (e.g. for probabilistic ROI definitions, or dual regression network ROIs)

 Added the possibility of defining multiple functional sets in "Setup.Functional.Functional data for ROI-level analyses" (to simplify using ROIs in different spaces, e.g. some ROIs in MNI-space while others in subject-space)

 Added support for 4d-nifti ROI atlas files (one volume per ROI)

 Added group-ICA voxel-to-voxel analyses (spatially independent components using two-step dimensionality reduction, FastICA for IC estimation, and dual-regression for subject-level backprojection; see voxel-to-voxel analysis tab)

 Added non-parametric statistics for voxel-level analyses (residual permutation/randomization tests, univariate and multivariate models; see Setup.Options "second-level analyses" field, and "parametric stats/non-parametric stats" option in results explorer window)

For previous release changes see change.log file in current distribution