Release Name: Beta 1.5

This release represents the first introduction of a number of new features. Only "power-users" should upgrade at this time.

Major changes include:

1. MEMORY: Now, use of the ModelImage type is STRONGLY discouraged except for direct interface with MIPAV internals. If you use this datatype, you take responsibility for ensuring that the associated memory is properly allocated and freed. The benefit is that all ImageData types will now properly handle memory and you can allocate/deallocate both input and output parameters at will. The whole “ParamFile” hack that John and I developed for memory efficiencies is no longer necessary (but it is still in place).
2. HEADERS: Use of ModelImage “FileBaseInfo” is STRONGLY discouraged. Please use the getHeader/setHeader fields of ImageData instead. It is VERY bad practice to not set the image data header. Even if you just don’t care, set any aspect of the header to something so that we know that you actively don’t care rather than have forgotten. The system will print MANY warning messages if you do not update the header or copy a header from a valid image. Please let me know what additional information you would like to see in the header objects.
3. LOGGING: Use of System.out and System.err is STRONGLY discouraged. Please use JistLogger.logOut and JistLogger.logErr. These functions allow the user to select his or her desired level of output from “SEVERE”,”WARNING”…”INTENSIVE III”. If the user selects a level greater than INFO, then the file and line of code that produced the message is appended to the message. If the user selects any “INTENSIVE” level, then a current memory report (free/used/allocated by system/max possible) is also appended. Please change any instances of System.out and System.err that you find.
4. REPORTING: JIST should now accurately report memory usage.