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Sep 24, 2018 MCALT version 1.3 Release
MCALT version 1.3 is released! This release adds three new files to MCALT: 1) a 0.5mm T1-weighted template image; 2) a mask of voxels inside the cranial vault, i.e. the TIV; 3) a segmentation...
Jul 27, 2018 MCALT version 1.2 Release
MCALT version 1.2 is released! The new features in this release are: * A mask of MCALT voxels that contain primarily brain tissue (gray matter or white matter). * Matlab source...
Sep 5, 2017 MCALT v1.1 Release
This release adds two new atlases defined in MCALT space: 1) MCALT_GlobalPiB, which is used to define amyloid-positivity from amyloid PET scans 2) MCALT_pathologyAtlas, which...