Eagle Atlas Compilation for Vestibular Research

This collection of atlases is provided by the Post-Concussion Vestibular Dysfunction (PCVD) research group at the Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It consists of seven source atlases at 1mm isotropic resolution which are customized to facilitate functional and structural connectivity analyses of the vestibular system. Each source atlas has been processed to ensure that there are no overlaps among the ROIs. This atlas collection is intended for use with the CONN Toolbox (https://web.conn-toolbox.org). Simply import the GZipped NIfTI files and alert CONN that they are atlases by clicking the "Atlas" checkbox.

Source atlases include ROIs from Eickhoff et al. and Indovina et al., the Brainnetome Atlas, Diedrichsen/SUIT Cerebellar Atlas, Najdenovska Thalamic Atlas, brainstem and diencephalon ROIs from Brainstem Navigator, and the Neudorfer Anatomical Hypothalamus Atlas. If you leverage this atlas collection, you MUST cite the source references in any publications.

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